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01/2017 Meetings & Events

    January 2017
    Date Event Type
    January 18 MoCo SHRM's January Meeting Meeting
    January 18 HRASM's January Meeting Meeting
    January 18 HoCoHRS January Networking Event Meeting
    January 18 CHRA's January Meeting Meeting
    January 19 Anne Arundel SHRM's January Networking Mixer Meeting
    January 20 CVSHRM's January Meeting Meeting
    January 24 ESSHRM's January Meeting Meeting
    January 26 FCSHRM's January Meeting Meeting
    February 2017
    Date Event Type
    February 9 NITSIG Workplace Violence Workshop Meeting
    February 15 CHRA's February Meeting: Conducting Workplace Investigations Meeting
    February 16 Howard County HRS' February Meeting Meeting
    February 17 CVSHRM's February Meeting Meeting
    February 22 West County Anne Arundel Chamber of Commerce- Women Mean Business Networking Luncheon Meeting
    February 23 FCSHRM's February Meeting: Medical Marijuana-Workplace Issues for Maryland Meeting
    March 2017
    Date Event Type
    March 8 Women in Government Contracting Leadership Forum Conference
    March 15 MCSHRM's March Meeting Meeting
    March 15 HRASM's Quarterly Meeting- Leadership Summit Conference
    March 15 CHRA March Meeting Meeting
    March 16 Howard County HRS' March Meeting Meeting
    March 17 CVSHRM March Meeting Meeting
    March 23 FCSHRM's March Meeting Meeting
    March 28 ESSHRM March Meeting Meeting
    April 2017
    Date Event Type
    April 13 CHRA's Spring Conference Conference
    April 19 MCSHRM's April Meeting Meeting
    April 20 HoCoHRS's April Meeting Meeting
    April 21 CVSHRM April Meeting Meeting
    April 24 SHRM 2017 Talent Management & Conference & Exposition Conference
    April 25 ESSHRM April Meeting Meeting
    April 27 FCSHRM's April Meeting Meeting
    April 28 ASHRM's Annual Conference Conference
    May 2017
    Date Event Type
    May 2 CCSHRM's Quarterly Meeting Meeting
    May 17 MCSHRM's May Meeting Meeting
    May 18 HoCoHRS' May Legislative Update Meeting Meeting
    May 18 FCSHRM's Annual Conference Conference
    May 23 ESSHRM May Meeting Meeting
    June 2017
    Date Event Type
    June 13 HoCoHRS's June Networking Event Meeting
    June 14 HRASM June Quarterly Meeting- Annual Employment Law Update Meeting
    June 16 How to Build a Strong Recruiting Pool for Military Vets and Help Them Transition to Civilian Careers Meeting
    June 18 SHRM National Conference Conference
    June 27 ESSHRM's June Meeting Meeting