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Speakers' Directory


The MD SHRM State Council is pleased to provide this directory to search for speakers on a variety of topics. The individuals listed below have received an overall, average rating on the quality of the speaker and the quality of information provided of at least 4.0 on a 5.0 point scale (with 5 representing the highest score) following a presentation at an MD SHRM or affiliated chapter event.

Speaker's Name Presentation Title Contact Info. Chapter
Rob Blunt "Selling the Value of HR to Executives" CHRA
Sukanya Bora "The R.O.A.D. to Personal Accountability" FCSHRM
Greg Brower "Speaking with Impact"


Lou Carloni

“Mentoring: A Tool for Attracting and Retaining Staff”

Norm Celotto "Social Intelligence"

Joni Daniels & Kim Fabian "Seven Things Your Mid-Levels Want You to Know - But Don't Know How to Tell You!"

Lor Evans Ermi Employee Development Secrets Unlocked:  Adult Development Clues that Make a Difference

Sergeant Matt Eversmann "Values Based Leadership" CC SHRM
Lisa Giruzzi "The Keys to Successful Onboarding and Staff Retention"

Amanda Haddaway "Social Media for the HR Professional – It’s More than Just LinkedIn" FCSHRM

Marcia Hall

“Networking at its Best: How to Make the Most”

Jeri Hawthorne, SPHR, GPHR “How to Create Competency Models to Drive Business Results” CHRA
Lisa Horn "Workplace Flexibility: The Next Imperative for Business Success and HR Leadership" CC SHRM
Howard County Health Department "Healthy Howard"

Contact: Phyllis Smelkinson


Ken Huber/Tina Bull

“Healthcare Reform Survival Guide”

Lon Keiffer "When Generations Collide... Respect Your Others! A Lesson in Cultural Competency" CC SHRM

MaryAnn Kmetyk

“Identifying the Needs of Those Who Lead”



“Building Your Bench Strength Through Strategic Succession Planning”

Laurie Maddalena "Successfully Coaching Employees" HoCoHRS
Paul McMurray "Change Anything - Creating Sustainable Personal Change" CHRA
Ryan McShane "Talent Management in Action: AARP’s Workforce Assessment Tool" CHRA
Jeannine Morber "Social Media:  What HR Professionals Need to Know" CC SHRM
Dr. Bob Nelson "5 Future Trends in the Workplace" CHRA
Michael Reagins "Engaging Multi-Generational Diversity" HoCoHRS
Edwin Redfern "AARP's WAT, Recruitment/Retention of the Mature Workforce and the Business Case for Older Workers" Booked through SHRM's Speakers' Bureau ( CHRA
Dr. Denean Robinson "Transformational Leadership:  Empower Others to New Heights" FCSHRM
Kathy Rockefeller "Using Conflict Resolution Strategies to Prevent Issues from Escalating to Grievances" HoCoHRS
Hile Rutledge, MSOD "Boomers, Blackberries & Tweets: Navigating the Generational Minefield" CHRA
Dr. Jack Skeen "Reducing Drama in the Workplace" FCSHRM
Stephen Stem Social Media HoCoHRS
Jania Stout "Fiduciary Liability - What HR Professionals Need to Know!" CHRA
Barbara Talley "HR Professionals as Diversity Change Agents"

Doris Trainor "Developing High Potential Leaders: Loyola University Maryland's Experience" CHRA

Christine V. Walters, MAS, JD, SPHR

“Employment Law, Legislative & Regulatory Update”

Christine V. Walters, MAS, JD, SPHR “From Hello to Goodbye: Employment Trends for HR & Business Professionals” FCSHRM
Christine V. Walters, MAS, JD, SPHR "Legislative Update" HoCoHRS
Christine V. Walters, MAS, JD, SPHR "Perception Discrimination: When Perception Becomes Reality" FCSHRM
Christine V. Walters, MAS, JD, SPHR "When Silence is not Golden: Advocacy as a Core Competency for HR Professionals” CHRA
Lee Webster "Managing an Aging, Multi-generational Workforce: HR Strategies and Best Practices" Booked through SHRM's Speakers' Bureau ( CHRA
Dr. Paula Whetsel-Ribeau Using Culture Identity Development for Understanding Ourselves and Others

301.447.5737 (o)

Bonnie Zampino "FMLA & ADAA Autism and Employment" FCSHRM