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Program Overview and Presenter Information

    MDSHRM 2019 Conference Keynote Speakers



    Finding Common Ground In Uncommon Times

    Dr. Omekongo Dibinga helps participants explore what unites them as opposed to what divides them. We live in a society that is becoming increasingly polarized but even in our darkest moments, there are areas where we can all shine. Participants will learn how to build a community where differences are not just tolerated but celebrated!


    William Nathaniel “Buck” Showalter III is one of just seven Major League Baseball managers to have won Manager of the Year honors at least three times, most recently in 2014 with the Baltimore Orioles. Showalter was hired by the Orioles during the 2010 season and enjoyed a nine-season run with the club that included 669 regular season wins, the second-most in the franchise’s history. During his keynote, he will inspire us to become HR Power Hitters.



    Embrace Your Awesomeness

    Brad teaches how to Embrace Your Awesomeness to boost productivity, creativity, innovation & profits. He turns typical meetings into transformational events using humor & story. Oh, and he’s pretty funny. Be prepared to laugh and harness your own AWESOMENESS in hands-on, experiences that you’ll remember long after the event.