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Conference Speaker Handouts

    2017 MDSHRM Conference Concurrent Speaker Handouts

    If you do not see the name of your concurrent speaker below. They don't have speaker handouts available at this time. 

    • Identity Theft, Misuse & Abuse of Social Media: Frank Mulcahy
    • Steps to Effective Coaching & Mentoring: Paul McMurray
    • Developing Emotional Resiliency: Paul McMurray
    • Retirement Plans & Workforce Planning: Tim Guilford
    • The Trump Adminstration & The 115th Congress: The Washington Outlook for HR Public Policy: Mike Aitken
    • Annual Assesments: Are They Becoming Extinct? Michael Heller & Meredith Leader
    • Cyber Security: Risk Management & Identity Theft: Bob Olsen
    • Building Trust: Beth Rudy
    • The Gig Economy Then and Now: What You Need to Know to Maximize the Benefits of a Flexible Workforce: Adam Calli

    • Look Inward: How to use Data to Identify Opportunities and Drive Internal Mobility: Adam Calli

    • Fifteen Key Recruiting Trends for 2018 & Beyond: Tony Lee

    • How To Get Discretionary Effort From Your Employees! Retain, engage and hire for performance! : David Lunken


    2017 MDSHRM Conference Re-Certification Information