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    STATE My Path: How to Speak Persuasively, Not Abrasively FCSHRM

    Date: January 22, 2015, 11:30am – 1:00pm
    Frederick County SHRM
    Dutch's Daughter Restaurant, Frederick, MD
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    When stakes are high, emotions heat up, and our opinions differ we often open our mouth to speak and … don’t do so well.


    Handling dicey conversations effectively is what sets apart the best communicators from the mediocre communicators. It’s what differentiates the most influential employees from the least influential employees. Just a few key skills will make or break relationships and/or results.


    This interactive seminar is designed to help improve our dialogue skills by teaching us how to speak persuasively, not abrasively in risky situations. Together, we’ll look at vital five skills for talking when what we have to say could easily make others defensive. These five skills can quickly be remembered with the acronym STATE:


    • Share your facts
    • Tell your story
    • Ask for others’ path
    • Talk tentatively
    • Encouraging test


    HR Professionals will learn the following from this session:


    1. Use the first three skills abovespeak in a way that maximizes candor while minimizing defensiveness when dealing with difficult situations.
    2. Use the last two skills to encourage others to share their facts, stories, and feelings to learn the most information to solve workplace issues.
    3. Combine all STATE skills help strikebalance between confidence and humility leading to improved relationships, respect, and bottom-line results for your organization.


    Come to this program and learn how to share tough messages persuasively, not abrasively.


    Presenter's Bio:

    Paul McMurray, President, Insight Management Consulting


    Paul McMurray is a consultant, trainer and professional speaker focusing in theories of leadership, management, and communications. He addresses the critical issues organizations face as they adapt to the changes required in today’s global marketplace.


    Paul has worked with employees at all levels in the following industries: Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Automobile, Federal Government, Military, Mining, Financial Services and Not-for-Profit Associations, working with employees at all levels.


    In 2004, he founded Insight Management Consulting, a firm specializing in corporate change initiatives that help organizations and individuals make the needed adjustments to be successful.


    Paul is working on his Ph.D. in Business Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, where he also serves on their adjunct staff. Additionally, he studied and taught economics while in the Ph.D. program at Penn State University, and also taught at Monroe Community College in Rochester, NY.


    He spent seven years working for Rochester Telephone in many position including corporate economist and forecaster, rate case expert and positions in business research and marketing.


    He served as founding committee chairman of RICA’s (Rural Independents Competitive Alliance) marketing committee and served three years.


    In 1993, Paul began an 11-year career with telecommunications consulting firm JSI. While at JSI, Paul directed the Management Services Department, focusing on all management and leadership initiatives with its clients.


    Paul has actively worked with more than 100 clients based all over the world, including some Fortune 50 companies, in areas such as organizational assessments, strategic and business planning, communications and development of new business lines.


    He has coached executives, both as individuals and teams, to help them overcome obstacles and find greater success in their work performance and personal lives.


    Paul is a member of the National Speakers Association and regularly delivers speeches on leadership and communication topics.


    Paul holds two undergraduate degrees in English and Economics, and a minor in Mandarin Chinese. He holds a graduate degree in Economics from University of Utah. He also has a Certificate in Executive Coaching from Georgetown University’s Center of Professional Development.


    Approved for 1.00 HRCI CE Credit