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    How to Build a Strong Recruiting Pool for Military Vets and Help Them Transition to Civilian Careers

    Date: June 16, 2017, 2:00pm – 3:00pm
    MDSHRM Workforce Development Chair, Sandy Kelly
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    President Donald Trump just signed the Honoring Investments in Recruiting and Employing American Military Veterans Act (the HIRE Vets Act) into law. As a result, the Department of Labor has launched the HIRE Vets Medallion Program to recognize employers that recruit, employ, and retain veterans. Through the DOL’s program, large employers will be eligible for two awards, the Gold HIRE Vets Medallion and the Platinum HIRE Vets Medallion Award, and it will also establish similar awards for small-to-mid-size businesses.

    Given that the U.S. Armed Forces is the best in the world—comprised of many capable men and woman who are seeking to re-enter the civilian workforce following their years of service—with the passage of the HIRE Vets Act, it’s clear that now is the time to consider whether you’ve got a successful way of reaching would-be recruits who may have been off the prospective employment grid but who could be tremendously valuable assets to your organization.

    Let us show you how one organization has nailed its efforts to recruit and retain veterans. Join us on June 16 when Lori Calderon, director of talent acquisition at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, will show you how to design a highly successful approach for recruiting and hiring veterans.

    You’ll learn: 

    • The phases of creating a successful initiative to recruit veterans, including what specifically should happen during the critical first and second phases 
    • How to determine the program’s purpose and intent 
    • 4 key steps to developing a program that succeeds at helping military service members transition to their civilian careers within your organization 
    • Tips for tracking and evaluating your progress 
    • Recommendations on how to celebrate your recruiting veterans program to build your company’s brand and reputation

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