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MD SHRM is 2012 Pinnacle Award Finalist!

    October 4, 2012

    Our State Council’s submission for the 2012 Pinnacle Award has been selected as one of the finalists! Our application was selected from 17 applicants to make our top 4 state council finalists. Winners will be announced Friday, November 16, during SHRM’s Leadership Conference. 

    We submitted our application based on these initiatives:

    Maryland SHRM State Council
    Legislative Advocacy & ESGR Initiatives
    The Maryland SHRM State Council (MD SHRM) decided in 2011 to elevate its visibility, enhance its relationships with state elected officials and support the ESGR initiative. Working with the Maryland Chamber of Commerce, MD SHRM’s held its first stand-alone “Day in Annapolis” on January 31, 2012.  The program included a packet of materials for attendees, two presentations pre-approved by HRCI for strategic credit, an ESGR signing and press release, followed by scheduled visits with attendees’ senators and delegates. The event was held at the Chamber in Annapolis and was attended by approximately 35 HR professionals from across the state.  Beginning with that event and through continued communications with elected officials MD SHRM, directly impacted one key piece of legislation: the country’s first state law related to password privacy.  MD SHRM conducted research finding case law illustrating the need for amendments to protect key employer interests, drafted and sent a letter to key bill sponsors, and shared the template with local chapters.  By the close of the 2012 session the MGA passed the country’s first Password Privacy bill that included both amendments proposed by MD SHRM: exceptions for employers conducting workplace investigations related to regulatory compliance and to protect proprietary information.