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SHRM Members from Maryland on the Hill

    March 19, 2014

    Today, Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - Members of SHRM Chapters across Maryland were on the Hill as part of SHRM's Annual Employment Law and Legislative Conference to discuss a number of issues as well as our concerns with the DOL being assigned by the Obama Administration the Overtime issue.

    The Maryland SHRM State Council is working with the Maryland Chamber on a dialogue with Secretary Perez on Overtime.

    The 2014 SHRM Employment Law and Legislative Conference took place in Washington DC from 3/17-3/19. The 2014 HR public policy agenda in Washington has a direct impact on our members. New legislation, court decisions, and regulatory issues affect all aspects of how you position your organization or your company strategically. There were are number of learning opportunities, including insight from DOL Secretary Thomas Perez, to whom President Obama turned over the Overtime issues and in which the HR community, business, and not-for-profits have a huge stake. Maryland SHRM members present included Dawn Witherspoon, Tiffany Bloyer, Eric Oppenheim, Carrie Aaron , Amanda Haddaway, and Greta Engle.


    Tucker Carlson (co-host of "Fox and Friends Weekend" and editor in chief of the Daily Caller news site)



    Paul Begala (commentator for CNN and professor at Georgetown University who also has worked in Congress and the White House)




     Both gentlemen shared the sentiment that "Washington DC is a 10 mile radius surrounded by reality"! It's important for your voice to be heard in Washington, DC, as we must change the system.




    Michael P. Aiken VP of Government Affairs for SHRM





    DOL Secretary Thomas Perez





    Walt Lachenmayr (SHRMCV) met with Legislative Assistants from both Senator Cardin's and Congress Member Delaney's office. 

    More about the Event:

    These Capitol Hill meetings are part of the annual Employment Law & Legislative Conference. HR professionals meet with their respective lawmakers and staff to discuss several issues that matter to the profession, including improving the E-Verify process, a component of immigration reform; preserving the tax treatment of employee benefits as part of tax reform; and the need to amend the definition of a full-time employee under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) to one who works 40 hours per week.

    You can refer to our fact sheets on these issues:

    While lawmakers and their respective staffs will hear directly from HR constituents in Washington, D.C.,  it is equally important that they hear from those back at home in their congressional districts and states. Even though you may not be able to visit Capitol Hill in person, you can still advocate on these issues from your desk by participating in the Virtual Hill Day in the following ways:

    • Send an email to your U.S. House Representative encouraging Congress to improve the E-Verify process by creating a single, federal, entirely electronic employment verification system that protects against identity theft through a knowledge-based authentication option; asking Congress to carefully review tax reform, with an emphasis on preserving the tax treatment of retirement accounts; and urging Congress that the definition of a full-time employee under the ACA should be amended to one who averages 40 hours of service a week for purposes of the ACA employer mandate. Click HERE to access SHRM’s HR Policy Action Center to send an electronic communication to your Representative’s Washington, D.C., office.
    • Send an email to your Senators encouraging Congress to preserve the tax treatment of retirement accounts and amend the ACA definition of a full-time employee. Click HERE to access SHRM’s HR Policy Action Center to send an electronic communication to your Senators’ Washington, D.C., offices.
    • Call your lawmakers’ District Offices and use the talking points in the fact sheets above to urge their support for improvements to E-Verify, amendments to the definition of a full-time employee for the purposes of ACA implementation, and tax reforms that will preserve the tax treatment of employee benefits. Click HERE to find your elected officials’ district office phone numbers.
    • Write a blog entry. Tell SHRM how these reforms will affect your workplace and employees. Personal stories from voters back home truly resonate with lawmakers and their staffs. A personal story or anecdote will make the issue more real to the legislator and will put a human face on the issue that no statistic or data point can. For inspiration, read previous SHRM members’ advocacy blogs HERE.
    • Tweet about immigration reform, tax reform and amending the ACA definition of full-time employee. The following are suggested tweets on each issue:
      • #immigrationreform w/solutions to help grow the U.S.economy, create jobs.  #SHRMLeg #HR @SHRMATeam @Global_imm
      • Congress, improve E-Verify by creating electronic verification system & protect against identity theft. #SHRMLeg #HR @SHRMATeam @Global_imm
      • Congress as you consider tax reform, please preserve the tax treatment of retirement accounts. #SHRMLeg #HR @howamericasaves
      • Congress, amend the ACA to define a full-time employee, for health care coverage, as 40 hours of service per week. #SHRMLeg #HR @SHRMBirbal

    However you write your tweet, please make sure it’s no longer than 140 characters and includes the suggested hashtags. Send a copy of your tweets to your lawmakers. Click HERE to find your elected officials’ Twitter handles. (You can also sign into your Twitter account and search for your lawmakers by their last names.)

    For questions or more information, please contact Chatrane Birbal, SHRM’s senior advisor of government relations, at and Meredith Nethercutt, SHRM’s senior associate of member advocacy, at

    SAVE THE DATE! Please plan to attend next year’s Employment Law & Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C., on Sunday, March 22 – Wednesday, March 25, 2015, at the Renaissance Hotel. For additional information, visit