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    October 29, 2014



    5AM Solutions - Rockville, MD

    All employees have the options to work remotely one to two days a week, and the firm offers flex hours for those employees who want to avoid traffic or have personal issues, such as a sick child. Managers also hold weekly or bi-weekly check-in meeting with their employees, providing time to discuss personal and professional development.


    BDO USA, LLP - Bethesda, MD

    The firm’s management provides backup dependent care that can be used with advance notice or last minute; managers in some cases allow employees to bring children on company required training trips, providing nanny care if needed; and offer workflex seminars to better embrace work-life fit. Encouraging ongoing learning is a key goal, and one example is BDO paying the bulk of the costs for CPA pre courses and reimbursing both exam fees and travel costs related to taking the CPA exam.


    CohnReznick LLP - Baltimore, MD

    Managers are cognizant of employees’ different preferences when it comes to when they’re most productive and when their “mental energy” is the greatest so they allow them to work varying hours as long as they get their work done. There is also formal technical training available to employees in classroom, via videoconferencing and webinars. And part time employees are offered benefits, including health and dental.


    iHire, LLC - Frederick, MD

    The company’s leaders encourage a “manager as a coach” approach to performance management, bypassing the annual review for ongoing regular discussions with employee about challenges and goals. And the firm is a Results Only Work Environment, also known as ROWE, encouraging employees to work when and where they want.


    Social Dynamics, LLC - Gaithersburg, MD

    Employees looking to pursue further education are encouraged to stay on part time or other modified schedules while finishing school. All employees are able to adjust their stop and start times, work compressed workweeks and telecommute either short- or long-term. And regardless of schedules, employees are assured the same weekly hours offering more financial security.


    The Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc. - Rockville, MD

    Employees who have relocated have been kept on after management made telework arrangements that keep them actively engaged in work projects.