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Did you miss MD SHRM's webinar on How to Achieve Greater Success with Veteran Recruitment Efforts from 2/3/15?

    February 18, 2015

    No problem you can still view the recording of the webinar! 


    There are two ways you may access the recording of the session


    1)  One is through the CFA webpage:



    2) Or via  direct link with Adobe Connect:



    MarylandSHRM     Is Your Approach to Hiring Vets Holding Your Back? 

     This Free AJAH On-Demand Webinar Can Help Your Team Avoid Mistakes

    National Guard and veteran unemployment and under-employment continues to be above national 

    unemployment levels, yet according to the U.S. Labor Department, available unfilled reached a 14-year 

    high in January.  

    So, what’s the missing connection?  Small and mid-size employers often hit snags when seeking to hire 

    trained and experienced veterans and National Guard members.  Challenges include efficiently 

    connecting with qualified military job candidates, understanding how military experience meets or 

    exceeds civilian job requirements, and conducting productive interviews with veterans who don’t go 

    through interviews in the military. 

    To help employers and HR recruiters overcome these problems, the Center for America, the non-profit 

    coordinating the American Jobs for America’s Heroes military hiring campaign, and the Maryland State 

    Council of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) have produced a free on-demand 

    webinar, “How to Achieve Greater Success in Hiring National Guard and Other Veterans.” This program 

    gives employers practical advice on hurdles they may encounter in the military hiring effort and specific 

    action steps that will help employers find qualified job applicants.  

    This 45-minute program features three experts who work in the military hiring arena:  Brig. Gen. (ret.) 

    Marianne Watson, the former Director of Manpower and Personnel (J1) for the National Guard Bureau; 

    Stacy Bayton, a retired U.S. Marine and Chief Operating Officer for Corporate America Supports You 

    (CASY) and the Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN), a 2014 Call of Duty Endowment 

    award-winner for excellence in military hiring; and Erin Voirol, the CASY-MSCCN Executive Director and military spouse. In 2014, CASY and MSCCN placed more than 5,000 Guard members and vets in jobs with employers.

    The webinar details specific action steps and best practices that help employers and HR professionals 

    streamline the recruiting and hiring process with the objective to retain veterans once hired.  Tips 

    include how to update job postings using language that will attract candidates and fit the top skills they 

    have attained in the military and how to identify veteran organizations that work inside the military that 

    can best provide access to candidates.

    In one anecdote, Bayton describes preparing a 20-year old Marine Reservist for a job interview.  During 

    the initial phase, the young Marine responded with clipped answers that yielded little insight into his 

    valuable experiences.  

    By utilizing performance-based questions, Bayton discovered the Marine ran multiple operations in 

    Afghanistan and had been in charge of $20 million equipment and a team of Marines.  He knew supply-

    chain management in detail, and offered high-level insights into leadership and teamwork.  None of 

    these experiences were revealed in his resume, underscoring the need to connect with job candidates 

    using questions that seek to understand the specific nature of their “mission-first” experience and 

    training in the military.

    Employers can register with the American Jobs for America’s Heroes campaign to post jobs and get free 

    help on job descriptions and connect with CASY’s experienced employment counselors – free of charge 

    – by visiting  


    AJAH provides a host of information and resources to help 

    employers navigate the military hiring effort, including guides written by industry experts for AJAH on 

    taking advantage of available tax credits for hiring veterans and understanding new OFCCP guidelines 

    for federal contractors requiring veteran hiring.