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Vote Now: Paid Sick Leave Survey

    December 5, 2015

    2016: On Maryland’s Horizon - Healthy Working Families Act

    The MD SHRM State Council, Inc. opposed this bill last year. The bill would have required covered employers to offer a specified amount of paid (sick) leave for full and part time employees. The bill provided when leave had to begin to accrue, for whom, for what reasons it may be used, at what rate it must be earned, how much must roll over from year to year, payout at termination, reinstatement upon rehire, and more. 

    MD SHRM believes that blanket government mandates, while well intentioned, fall woefully short of responding to the needs of both employees and employers. In addition, they can have a chilling effect on the creativity and flexibility many employers have established to address worker needs and desires for today’s work-life integration

    The bill is fully expected to return in 2016 and possibly with even more support. As we informally survey SHRM members and HR professionals in our state we find that, if enacted this bill would impact 85% - 90% of employers. 

    We invite you to: (1) learn more about the no less than 13 mandates this bill may impose and (2) simultaneously complete this survey to help us validate our informal findings to date.

    Please accept our invitation and CLICK HERE to complete this brief survey by January 31, 2016. Individual responses are anonymous. Until then, we look forward to advancing the HR profession (ATP) in Maryland and serving as your voice in shaping public policy.