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Role of School Coordinators

    • The coordinator for each school is the point person for the coordination and facilitation of each event.
    • The coordinator will touch base with the assigned host company to confirm by email or by phone that everything is in order for the session. They will also touch base with the instructor to be sure they have all of the equipment needed and directions to the host organization.
    • The coordinators work with the school in any way they can to bring the Pathways message to the school administrators and teachers. They will also touch base with the guidance counselors from time to time to stay in touch and get feedback on the program.
    • One coordinator should attend each session to facilitate the introductions and general facilitation of the event.
    • The coordinator will organize and plan with the guidance counselors the holiday celebration party and end of the year celebration with the presentation of certificates.
    • The coordinator will collect, review and monitor comments from the evaluations.
    • The coordinator will document the student’s comments and suggestions, take pictures and chronicle the year. This should be shared with the chapter’s marketing committee and summarized in an end of the year report.
    • Write a thank you note to the instructor and host organization contact person on behalf of the Pathways Committee.
    • Confirm the bus 48 hours prior to the scheduled session.
    • The coordinators will keep the chapter leadership up to date with each event and how it played out. Any problems will be addressed immediately.